Well, the title of this post pretty much says it all, but I suppose it’s worth repeating: I am OFFICIALLY going to the 2012 ITU Paratriathlon World Championship!  And no, I can’t believe it either.

Although I met the time qualifying standards for Worlds while in Austin, I was holding off on making this official until I knew more about funding.  Between a plane ticket, lodging, a race entry, and travel expenses, I knew that it was going to be a hefty bill that I’d have to foot.  But I trusted the fact that in some way or another, it would all work out.  So although I didn’t mention it to many people, I had started to mentally prepare for the fact that Worlds was going to be a reality.  Last week, I received an email from USA Triathlon with more information about Worlds, which will be held in Auckland, New Zealand.  They offered me some assistance, and I responded with my 100% commitment.

The best part is that I will be making the trip with the rest of my beloved Chicago crew.  Three of my friends and fellow athletes—Melissa, Diana, and Mary Kate—all qualified and confirmed their commitment as well.  We will also be joined by the three dare2tri coaches—Keri, Dan, and Stacee—and team prosthetist, Brian.  Earlier this week, the eight of us met to talk details about our travel plans, budget, and fundraising ideas.  We figured out just how much it’s going to cost to send the entire team, and decided that we will do whatever it takes to get all of us there.  We’re now in the process of putting together sponsorship information with the hopes of obtaining some corporate level support.  We also hope to have a fundraiser/bar night situation later this summer; I’ll provide details about that as soon as I know them.

I know what the dare2tri team is capable of from a fundraising perspective, and am confident that we will make this happen.  So for now, my main focus is on getting stronger and faster so that this can be my best race to date.  While October may seem like a long way off, I know just how quickly it will sneak up on me.  So between now and then, I’m really just focusing on training harder than ever before.  I may even give up desserts (and by that I mean I may limit myself to one dessert a day) in preparation.  Maybe.

3 thoughts on “I’M GOING TO WORLDS!

  1. Congratulations Hailey! Skip the deserts and you’ll feel even more focused, committed. Oh as for you positioning your announcement as a surprise, Ha! I knew it all along.

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