Hello Summer!

Today I took my last exam of my junior year of college, thus initiating the official start of summer.  It’s been a crazy year trying to balance school, work, training, fun, and all my other random commitments; but I survived it and am excited for a little break before heading into my final year at Northwestern.

In the spirit of the season, I have composed a 2012 Summer Bucket List.  Feel free to let me know if you would like to join me in crossing any of these off my list.  I am always looking for new adventure buddies; plus it will be a fun social experiment to see who actually reads the stuff I say on here 🙂


2012 Summer Bucket List

1.  Go on a hiking/camping trip

2.  Take a paddleboard lesson

3.  Befriend a boat owner who will take me on a Lake Michigan cruise

4.  Find the best burger in Chicago

5.  Go rollerblading

6.  Take a trapeze class

7.  Tour all of the Chicago breweries

8.  Be part of a flash mob

9.  Sleep under the stars (as in without a tent)

10.  Find the best BBQ in Chicago

11.  Go to all the major farmers markets

12.  Climb a really big tree

13.  Spend the day on Chicago PedalPub

14.  Swim from Ohio St. Beach to North Ave

15.  Learn to do a cartwheel

16.  Perfect the art of pie baking

17.  Similarly, make a pie pop (I swear these are possible to make)

18.  Attempt barefoot running

19.  Join/start a book club

20.  Start regularly doing yoga and/or Pilates

21.  Go to a whiskey distillery

22.  Fly a kite

23.  Do Crossfit

24.  Go on the Intelligentsia Roasting tour

25.  Ride my bike to Wisconsin and back

26.  Become more skilled in the kitchen

27.  Go to the Shedd Aquarium

28.  Find the best Bloody Mary in Chicago

29.  See a concert at Northerly Island

30.  Ride the Green Line, thus accomplishing my goal of riding every line of the El

31.  Explore the bar concert scene

32.  Watch the Air & Water Show (without a sever weather advisory ensuing)

33.  Go fruit picking

34.  Have a drink on the roof at the Trump

35.  Watch the meteor shower

2 thoughts on “Hello Summer!

  1. Pencil me on for: 14 because I’m doing big shoulders which is 5k, 22 with one of those air plane shaped kites because they’re east to fly, 25 I’m sure Kim B. would be up for it-now all you have to do is respond to your email when we invite you on rides. 🙂

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